We Caught up with Jean Young from Genie Travel

The face behind Genie Travel, a travel expert in Worthing, Jean Young, shares her latest news.

“Hello everyone

Welcome to my latest newsletter.

I launched my new referral scheme this month,whereby, if you recommend me to someone and they end up making a holiday booking, you will get a £10 store voucher ( your choice of which one) or if you are planning a trip yourself, you can save up the £10 and have that deducted from the price.

I was due to go to the Croatian embassy at the end of January, but what with the snow and signal failures on the line near Croydon, I didn’t want to risk going all the way to London and not being able to get back. I was very disappointed as I had been looking forward to that event. Yesterday I attended an event in Brighton to showcase Luxury hotels, and met the representatives of the hotels to hear about their product. There are some beautiful hotels around. I will try and add some pictures to my face book page. Next week I shall be in London again for a Pacific showcase, and then meeting some suppliers in Brighton on Tuesday.

I recently had an inquiry come through for a single traveller looking to go to the Himalayas , and managed to find her a tour I felt was suitable. But it got me thinking again to my own travels on my own.

Nowadays many tour operators are catering more to this market. Some offer room shares, which don’t incur a supplement, or you can opt for a single  room which does. And they run special departures where all the guests are travelling solo. People travel on their own for various reasons, some because their interests aren’t always the same as their partners, sometimes due to circumstance. Sometimes it’s just that they want to go on their own.

Travelling on your own can be daunting especially if you have been used to travelling with someone.The first time I travelled on my own, I went to Greece. It wasn’t until I got to my hotel and had unpacked that the anxiety started. What do I do now?? I couldn’t spend all the time in my hotel room, so I just had to bite the bullet and venture out. After that it was a breeze, I took the bus to Athens and found people were very friendly. I did make a rule that I didn’t venture out on my own in the evening, but there was usually someone at the hotel to sit and have a chat with. So if you find yourself in the situation where you want to go on holiday, but haven’t anyone to go with, do it…. Either as part of an escorted tour, or be brave and go your own way.

So there we are for this month. If there are any subjects you would like me to write about, just let me know. Please visit my website www.genietravel.co.uk ; my face book page www.facebook.com/genietravelite. I also have a couple of groups  ‘awesome holiday offers, tips and advice’ and ‘Genie Travel ITE Honeymoons’ Why not take a look. Until next time. Happy travelling!

Below are some offers from one of my specialist operators for solo travellers.”

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